10 unusual things to do in London 2018

  1. First on our list of 10 unusual things to do in London 2018 is drink – explore London’s areas by pubs. Buy the CAMRA Best Pub Guide and enjoy a liquid approach to the city. Get a bunch of pals and form a DOODLE poll to choose your area – you can then explore until your heart (if not your liver) is content. 
  2. Come to the Ceilidh Club – yes we’re biased but there’s nothing quite like this in London. Are you fed up of an anonymous city? Well then come down for 3 hours of the best fun your can have. No previous experience is necessary. 
  3. Kayak London’s waterways with MooCanoe. Not just a great name but a fantastic way to see London. Much has been done over the last 10 years to make London’s waterways more enjoyable and MooCanoes are there to help you make the most of them. There are lots of routes and you can go solo, with a partner or in a group.
  4. Candlelit London – there’s lots of ways to enjoy London by candlelight – you could check out some of the concerts in the churches for instance – St. Martin in the Fields – have regular events by candlelight. The evening tours of John Soane’s museum are highly recommended. This brilliant museum comes to life in a totally different way by candlelight. The Cadlelight Club is a pop up speakeasy and full of fun, so get glammed up and don’t tell anyone, shh…..
  5. Take in a lunchtime concert. There’s lots of these so you are best googling to get up to date info, however some of the most popular are Radio 3 , The Royal Opera House and St. James in Picadilly which does free concerts (with a suggested donation).
  6. Ride the Mail Rail – deep beneath the streets there’s something rumbling. The Postal Museum’s mail rail is certainly something different. Here’s a video of its planning, visit the site for more. 
  7. Find peace and tranquility at the Chelsea Physic Garden – it’s not a newcomer to the London stage since its been around since 1673, but it is often forgotten about. So assuming that this blog post doesn’t send 100,000s there, then you should still be able to enjoy the delights of this tranquil botanical walled space beside the Thames.
  8. Get to a V&A late night event. The V&A is one of the world’s leading museums and on the last Friday of the month (except December) it stays up late and you can up close and personal with artists, designers and generally people who think outside the mainstream. See their Flikkr feed here. Check out the website for details. 
  9. Go to the only Cartoon Museum in the UK. The author and humourist Clive James once said ‘Common sense and a sense of humour are the same thing, moving at different speeds. A sense of humour is just common sense, dancing.’ Cartoons poke fun at our foibles, our politicians and celebrities (to name a few) as well as providing a vehicle for story and truth telling. Explore this marvellous museum that has lots on for kids (big and small).
  10. Get to know the city by walking along some / all of the Thames Path.  Taking in both sides of the river you’ll get to see the beating heart of the capital as well as being able to wander off into some of the most fascinating areas. 

So that’s out round up of the 10 unusual things to do in London 2018. We hope you have enjoyed it and if you want to come along and see us at the Ceilidh Club then you can check out the dates of future events here.  If you have any tips of your own then drop us a line and if we include them we’ll give you two tickets to the Ceilidh Club.