Beer and Gin Production in Scotland

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Beer and Gin production in Scotland is booming - we are in a golden age of premium drinks. Anyone who grew up before 2000 will remember the turgid, chemical filled beer we 'forced' ourselves to drink. Mass wine sales consisted of the the rubbish that other countries didn't want and because we couldn't get anything [...]

Whisky Glasses

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A Guide to the Whisky Glass Oaky. Scented. Sweet. Whisky comes in many shapes and sizes; from a pure single malt to a smokey American bourbon, there’s something for everyone. It’s not just the type of whiskey that matters; it’s also how you drink it that dictates what kind of whisky glass you need.  Neat, [...]

London Scottish Bars

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London Scottish Bars OK, let's get the word 'Bevy' in the first sentence cause let's face we're going to be using it a lot in any discussion of London Scottish Bars - 'Going for a bevy?', ' We got bevvied last night', 'I'm aff the bevvy for January / Lent / by doctor's advice'.  Of [...]

London Scots

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London Scots are everywhere Golf Club, Charities, Restaurants, Monuments and Ceilidhs (!) - we review some of the more prominent sites, organisations and businesses that concern London Scots. London Scots - Charities There are two charities specifically in London to help out Scots: Borderline and Scots Care. Borderline's goal is to help first and second [...]


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Stovies - a gift from the Gods I was once in Sainsbury's at the meat counter and asked what I thought was an innocent question. 'What meat do you recommend for stovies'.  'Lamb' replied the butcher without a second thought. 'Yes, I began that what.....' 'Och, you must be joking' said an elderly woman to [...]

Scottish Chocolate

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Scottish Chocolate is amongst the best in the world and artisan makers are springing up in the most unlikely of places. Dedicated to their craft they are bringing innovation and a level of quality that makes it stand out. In Bruntsfield in Edinburgh there are two top producers The Chocolate Tree and Coco Chocolatier. But [...]

Address to A Haggis

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Address To A Haggis The Address To A Haggis is one of Burns most famous ones and is traditionally used on Burns Night. You can find more of Burns poems here. If you are looking for a Burns Night celebration in London then the Ceilidh Club is running several nights at Hammersmith Town Hall 19/25/26 [...]


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Harrods - Scottish Goods for Sale Harrods is perhaps London's most famous shop and one of the oldest luxury retail stores in the world. Not just that but it sells some top Scottish goods as well. So if you fancy doing some posh shopping then drop by to their store (nearest tube stations are Knightbridge, South Ken, [...]