Epistle To Colonel De Peyster

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My honor'd Colonel, deep I feel Your interest in the Poet's weal; Ah! now sma'heart haeI to speel The steep Parnassus, Surrounded thus by bolus pill, And potion glasses. O what a canty world were it, Would pain and care and sickness spare it; And Fortune favour worthand merit As they deserve; And aye rowtho'roast-beef [...]

Epistle From Esopus To Maria

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From those drear solitudes and frowsy cells, Where Infamy with sad Repentance dwells; Where turnkeys make the jealous portal fast, And deal from iron hands the spare repast; Where truant 'prentices, yet young in sin, Blush at the curious stranger peeping in; Where strumpets, relics of the drunken roar, Resolve to drink, nay, half, to [...]

Epistle To Dr. Blacklock

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Wow, but your letter made me vauntie! And are ye hale, and weeland cantie? I ken'd it still, your wee bitjauntie Wadbring ye to: Lord send you aye as weel's I want ye! And then ye'll do. The ill-thiefblawthe Heron south! And never drink be near his drouth! He tauldmyself by word o' mouth, He'd [...]

Epistle To James Tennant Of Glenconner

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Auld comrade dear, and brithersinner, How's a' the folk about Glenconner? How do you this blaeeastlinwind, That's like to blawa bodyblind? For me, my faculties are frozen, My dearest member nearly dozen'd. I've sent you here, by Johnie Simson, Twasage philosophers to glimpse on; Smith, wi' his sympathetic feeling, An' Reid, to common sense appealing. [...]

Epistle To Hugh Parker

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In this strange land, this uncouth clime, A land unknown to prose or rhyme; Where words ne'er cross't the Muse's heckles, Nor limpit in poetic shackles: A land that Prose did never view it, Except when drunk he stacher't thro' it; Here, ambush'd by the chimlacheek, Hid in anatmosphere of reek, I hear a wheel [...]

Epistle To Mrs. Scott

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Gudewife, I Mind it weelin early date, When I was bardless, young, and blate, An' first could thresh the barn, Or hauda yokin' at the pleugh; An, tho' forfoughtensaireneugh, Yet uncoproud to learn: When first amang the yellow corn A man I reckon'd was, An' wi' the laveilk merry morn Could rank my rigand lass, [...]

Epistle To A Young Friend

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I Langhae thought, my youthfu' friend, A something to have sent you, Tho' it should serve nae itherend Than just a kind memento: But how the subject-theme may gang, Let time and chance determine; Perhaps it may turn out a sang: Perhaps turn out a sermon. Ye'll try the world soon, my lad; And, Andrew [...]