A Bard’s Epitaph

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Is there a whim-inspired fool, Owre fast for thought, owre hot for rule, Owre blateto seek, owre proud to snool, Let him draw near; And owrethis grassy heap sing dool, And drapa tear. Is there a bard of rustic song, Who, noteless, steals the crowds among, That weekly this area throng, O, pass not by! [...]

Epitaph On Holy Willie

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Here Holy Willie's sairworn clay Taks up its last abode; His saulhas ta'en some other way, I fear, the left-hand road. Stop! there he is, as sure's a gun, Poor, silly body, see him; Naewonder he's as black's the grun, Observe wha'sstanding wi'him. Your brunstanedevilship, I see, Has got him there before ye; But haudyour [...]

Epitaph On John Dove, Innkeeper

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Here lies Johnie Pigeon; What was his religion? Whae'er desires to ken, To some other warl' Maunfollow the carl, For here Johnie Pigeon had nane! Strong ale was ablution, Small beer persecution, A dram was memento mori; Buta full-flowing bowl Was the saving his soul, And port was celestial glory.

Epitaph On John Rankine

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Ae day, as Death, that gruesome carl, Was driving to the titherwarl' A mixtie-maxtiemotley squad, And mony a guilt-bespotted lad- Black gowns of each denomination, And thieves of every rank and station, From him that wears the star and garter, To him that wintles in a halter: Ashamed himself to see the wretches, He mutters, [...]