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'Tis Friendship's pledge, my young, fair Friend, Nor thou the gift refuse, Nor with unwilling ear attend The moralising Muse. Since thou, in all thy youth and charms, Must bidthe world adieu, (A world 'gainst Peace in constant arms) To join the Friendly Few. Since, thy gay morn of life o'ercast, Chill came the tempest's [...]

Inscription To Miss Graham Of Fintry

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Here, where the Scottish Muse immortal lives, In sacred strains and tuneful numbers joined, Accept the gift; though humble he who gives, Rich is the tribute of the grateful mind. So may noruffian-feeling in my breast, Discordant, jar thy bosom-chords among; ButPeace attune thy gentle soul to rest, Or Love, ecstatic, wake his seraph song, [...]

Inscription For The Headstone Of Fergusson The Poet^1

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No sculptured marble here, nor pompous lay, "No storied urn nor animated bust;" This simple stone directs pale Scotia's way, To pour her sorrows o'er the Poet's dust. Additional Stanzas She mourns, sweet tuneful youth, thy hapless fate; Tho' all the powers of song thy fancy fired, Yet Luxury and Wealth lay by in state, [...]