The Epitaph

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"Stop, passenger! my story's brief, And truth I shall relate, man; I tell naecommon tale o' grief, For Matthew was a great man. If thou uncommon merit hast, Yet spurn'd at Fortune's door, man; A look of pity hither cast, For Matthew was a poor man. If thou a noble sodgerart, That passest bythis grave, [...]

Verses On Captain Grose

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Ken ye aughto' Captain Grose?-Igo, and ago, If he's amanghis friends or foes?-Iram, coram, dago. Is he to Abra'm's bosom gane?-Igo, and ago, Or haudin Sarah by the wame?-Iram, coram dago. Is he south or is he north?-Igo, and ago, Ordrowned in the river Forth?-Iram, coram dago. Is he slain byHielan' bodies?-Igo, and ago, And [...]

Election Ballad

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Fintry, my stay in wordly strife, Friend o' my muse, friend o' my life, Are ye as idle's I am? Come then, wi' uncouth kintrafleg, O'er Pegasus I'll fling my leg, And ye shall see me try him. But where shall I go rin a ride, That I may splatter nanebeside? I wad nabe uncivil: [...]

Elegy On Captain Matthew Henderson

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Should the poor be flattered?-Shakespeare. O Death! thou tyrant felland bloody! The meikledevil wi' a woodie Haurlthee hameto his black smiddie, O'er hurcheonhides, And like stock-fish come o'er his studdie Wi' thy auld sides! He's gane, he's gane! he's frae us torn, The ae best fellow e'er was born! Thee, Matthew, Nature's sel'shall mourn, By [...]

Gudewife, Count The Lawin

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Gane is the day, and mirk's the night, But we'll ne'er stray for fauto' light; Gudeale and bratdy's stars and moon, And blue-red wine's the risin' sun. Chorus.-Then gudewife, count the lawin, The lawin, the lawin, Then gudewife, count the lawin, And bring a coggie mair. There's wealth and ease for gentlemen, And simple folk [...]

I Murder Hate

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I murder hate byflood orfield, Tho' glory's name may screen us; In wars at home I'll spend my blood- Life-giving wars of Venus. The deities that I adore Are social Peace and Plenty; I'm better pleas'd to make one more, Than be the death of twenty. I would not die like Socrates, For all the [...]

Lines To A Gentleman

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Kind Sir, I've read your paper through, And faith, to me, 'twas really new! How guessed ye, Sir, what maistI wanted? This mony a day I've grain'dand gaunted, To kenwhat French mischief was brewin; Or what the drumlieDutch were doin; That vile doup-skelper, Emperor Joseph, If Venus yet had got his nose off; Or how [...]

On The Birth Of A Posthumous Child

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Sweet flow'ret, pledge o' meiklelove, And ward o' mony a prayer, What heart o' stanewadthou namove, Saehelpless, sweet, and fair? November hirples o'er the lea, Chil, on thy lovely form: And gane, alas! the shelt'ring tree, Should shield thee frae the storm. May He who gives the rain to pour, And wings the blast to [...]