The Epitaph

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"Stop, passenger! my story's brief, And truth I shall relate, man; I tell naecommon tale o' grief, For Matthew was a great man. If thou uncommon merit hast, Yet spurn'd at Fortune's door, man; A look of pity hither cast, For Matthew was a poor man. If thou a noble sodgerart, That passest bythis grave, [...]

Verses On Captain Grose

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Ken ye aughto' Captain Grose?-Igo, and ago, If he's amanghis friends or foes?-Iram, coram, dago. Is he to Abra'm's bosom gane?-Igo, and ago, Or haudin Sarah by the wame?-Iram, coram dago. Is he south or is he north?-Igo, and ago, Ordrowned in the river Forth?-Iram, coram dago. Is he slain byHielan' bodies?-Igo, and ago, And [...]

Gudewife, Count The Lawin

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Gane is the day, and mirk's the night, But we'll ne'er stray for fauto' light; Gudeale and bratdy's stars and moon, And blue-red wine's the risin' sun. Chorus.-Then gudewife, count the lawin, The lawin, the lawin, Then gudewife, count the lawin, And bring a coggie mair. There's wealth and ease for gentlemen, And simple folk [...]

I Murder Hate

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I murder hate byflood orfield, Tho' glory's name may screen us; In wars at home I'll spend my blood- Life-giving wars of Venus. The deities that I adore Are social Peace and Plenty; I'm better pleas'd to make one more, Than be the death of twenty. I would not die like Socrates, For all the [...]

Lines To A Gentleman

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Kind Sir, I've read your paper through, And faith, to me, 'twas really new! How guessed ye, Sir, what maistI wanted? This mony a day I've grain'dand gaunted, To kenwhat French mischief was brewin; Or what the drumlieDutch were doin; That vile doup-skelper, Emperor Joseph, If Venus yet had got his nose off; Or how [...]

On The Birth Of A Posthumous Child

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Sweet flow'ret, pledge o' meiklelove, And ward o' mony a prayer, What heart o' stanewadthou namove, Saehelpless, sweet, and fair? November hirples o'er the lea, Chil, on thy lovely form: And gane, alas! the shelt'ring tree, Should shield thee frae the storm. May He who gives the rain to pour, And wings the blast to [...]

Sketch -New Year’s Day [1790]

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This day, Time winds th' exhausted chain; To run the twelvemonth's length again: I see, the old bald-pated fellow, With ardent eyes, complexion sallow, Adjust the unimpair'd machine, To wheel the equal, dull routine. The absent lover, minor heir, In vain assail him with their prayer; Deaf as my friend, he sees them press, Nor [...]

Tam O’ Shanter

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"Of Brownyis and of Bogillis full is this Buke." Gawin Douglas. When chapman billies leave the street, And drouthyneibors, neibors, meet; As market days are wearing late, And folk begin to takthe gate, While we sit bousing at the nappy, An' getting fou and unco happy, We think na on the lang Scots miles, The [...]