London Scots Podcast – Episode 5 with David Laird

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David travels from Dalkeith to London (via Glasgow and Edinburgh) and lets us know what it is like to work in heritage.  We get some great insider tips on where to go as well a decent place to go for a (pricey) drink in Highgate. The lovely music is provided by Licence to Ceilidh.   

Piper Chief – a cool way to carry your pipes

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In our series looking at cool Scottish companies we turn today to Piper Chief, a maker of exquisite bags for carrying pipes in. Founder and CEO of Piper Chief, Damian Bell, gives us the run down. Tell us a bit about Piper Chief We have had our company, Piper Chef GmbH, established in Switzerland since [...]

Camden London Nightlife 2018

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Camden London Nightlife Ah the glories of Camden London Nightlife. It's not all about getting plastered with tourists, although you can do that if you want. We thought we'd offer you a run down on what can be done in this famous pocket of London.   Camden Pub Crawl It's pretty much a good rule of [...]

Whisky Glasses

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A Guide to the Whisky Glass Oaky. Scented. Sweet. Whisky comes in many shapes and sizes; from a pure single malt to a smokey American bourbon, there’s something for everyone. It’s not just the type of whiskey that matters; it’s also how you drink it that dictates what kind of whisky glass you need.  Neat, [...]

10 unusual things to do in London 2018

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10 unusual things to do in London 2018 First on our list of 10 unusual things to do in London 2018 is drink - explore London's areas by pubs. Buy the CAMRA Best Pub Guide and enjoy a liquid approach to the city. Get a bunch of pals and form a DOODLE poll to choose your [...]