The Ceilidh Club Blog is here to bring you interesting things to do in London as well as highlighting small Scottish companies and the odd poem as well as other stuff you might find interesting. All you need do is stop by from time to time to find out what’s new. 

London is a great city and we love the multicultural feeling. We’re lucky at the Ceilidh Club to have access to so many wonderful people from all over the world, they bring their energy and their culture to our night and put their own spin to our dances. We remember well the Lithuanian Folk Dance group that came along and demonstrated their stuff at half time. So we like to highlight in this Blog some of the wonderful things to do in London – cultural highlights, sporting events etc.

There are lots of Scottish things to do in London too – from Gaelic choirs to Shinty, from whisky tasting to haggis eating.  If you want to know where to hire a kilt then check out our blog post on it. Are you interested in organising an Office Night Out or a Charity Ceilidh then you’ll find posts about that as well. We try to answer as many of your regular questions as we can via our blog posts or through the usual array of social media. 

We like to bring small Scottish companies to your attention – there is a wealth of high-quality businesses in Scotland and we like to showcase them here. Scotland produces 70% of the UK’s gin. That’s a lot of G and T’s. Scotland has also joined in the UK (worldwide?) boom in craft beer production and there are now over 30 beer producers in and around Edinburgh alone, with new ones popping up all the time.  

So please feel free to delve into the Ceilidh Club blog when you have the time. If there is anything that you would like us to cover then let me know and we’ll see what we can do. We try to keep it short, snappy and sweet. Because let’s face – you’re worth it. 

If you’re hankering for a bit of ceilidh then come down and see us…

London Bees

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We have launched a campaign to help London Bees by asking the mayor, Sadiq Khan, to trial bee-friendly Bus Shelters. You can sign the petition here. The idea is being trialled in the Dutch city of Utrecht. Their goal is to be the healthiest region in Europe. There is no cost to the city council [...]

London Scots Podcast – S2 Episode 1 – Colin MacIntyre / Mull Historical Society

By |May 20th, 2019|Categories: London Scots, Podcast|Tags: , |

We chat with musician, novelist and playwright Colin MacIntyre about growing up in Mull and moving to London via Glasgow. Find out how to use the London tube for creativity and the importance of hearing a seagull on the banks of the Thames. There's also an update on the Mishnish and a great app tip [...]

Loomshed Brewery

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We catch up with entrepreneur and head brewer, Calum Bennett at Loomshed Brewery Hi Calum, tell us why you think Harris needs a brewery? Personally, I think everywhere should have a local brewery, it makes for a much more interesting beer scene, increases consumer choice, increases local employment and is environmentally better than importing beer. [...]

The Orcadian Strip The Willow

By |April 23rd, 2019|Categories: Dancing|

Orcadian Strip The Willow - positioning The Orcadian Strip the Willow is a high energy dance, couples form a line down the centre of the room facing each other. Traditionally men stand on the right and ladies on the left (as viewed by the band). However,  as long as you stand opposite your partner and [...]

The Gay Gordons

By |March 11th, 2019|Categories: Dancing|

The background to the Gay Gordons Named after a famous Scottish army regiment (known as the Gordon Highlanders), the Gay Gordons is a very popular couples ceilidh dance.  Whilst the dance normally begins as a partner dance, it can be made progressive. It is danced in a big circle of couples. Traditionally the lady stands [...]

Scottish Rum

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It isn't just Whisky and Gin lift Scottish Spirits but we have Scottish Rum too....   If you are looking for the beer and gin distilleries the check out this post   


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What is #TartanFriday ? #TartanFriday puts a different spin on the orgy of consumption. Sure, we love stuff too and we're fond of a bargain, however, we think it's all got out of hand. We've got too much stuff, we haven't got room to keep, we chuck it out and then buy more. Take a [...]

Burns Night London

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Forget Blue Monday: celebrate as the Beloved Bard would have wanted - Burns Night London January for many is a depressing month – the festive celebrations are over, payday is a long way off and another year has passed with things left undone. To shake off those January blues, Ceilidh Club London is holding a [...]