Wedding Ceilidh Band

Getting married is one of the most wonderful and stressful things that you can do. There are 101 + things to organise, some highly personal for you and some just for your guests. Choosing the right entertainment is one of the most important aspects. This short guide outlines the benefits of having a ceilidh wedding band and also some things to remember.

It works for all ages

Young or old, everyone can participate in a ceilidh. The steps are easier than you think and it is suitable for people who have not done anything like this before. A band has a caller and it worthwhile checking with the band before hand just how much calling will be done. Talk to them about the mix of the group. If you have any of the party from non English speaking countries then the caller may want to talk a bit slower. Calling can be a tricky job as you have to get the right balance between being authoritative and fun. Sometimes a caller will be playing an instrument as well. The great thing about the ceilidh is that everyone will mix. People come together in different groups and couples are mixed up so everyone can dance with everyone else. You’ll find a very happy glow on people’s faces

A Ceilidh Wedding band can often play other music too

Some ceilidh bands can play chart music / classic tunes too, so you may be able to double up and hire a band that can do this as well. 

Some things to remember

Be prepared to spend some money on the band. Just like anything in life it can be a false economy to go for the cheapest. The band and the reception will be one of the things that people will remember about your wedding. Some of the musicians will be professionals and have dedicated thousands of hours to their craft, their equipment may have cost thousands and they are there working to try to make sure you have a great event. So, whilst everyone has a budget, be prepared to spend on finding the right band for you.

Don’t be put off by a poor website – it may be surprising in this day and age that bands have old fashioned looking websites but for many a wedding band a website is low down their list of priorities. They want to play, rehearse and not spend their time in front of a computer. 

Ask how many people will be in the band, check out if the caller speaks any foreign languages (if you have a multinational wedding), ask for any CDs / downloads they have. 

Feed and water them well. Look after them and they will look after you. 

Try to go and see the live before you hire them.

Arrange a night out at a ceilidh if you can before hand and invite as many of the wedding party as you can. It’s great to get a bit of practice. 

More info on the right wedding band

You can find the bands that play the Ceilidh Club regularly here also if you are looking outside he south east you can find ceilidhs bands and other wedding suppliers from The Wedding Dealer.  If you want to bring a party down to the Ceilidh Club for a practice before hand then ask us for a group discount. We hold ceilidhs throughout the year. You can find a list of our dates here