“Sweet closes the ev’ning on Craigieburn Wood,
And blythely awaukens the morrow;
But the pride o’ the springin the Craigieburn Wood
Can yield to me nothing but sorrow.

Chorus.-Beyond thee, dearie, beyond thee, dearie,
And O to be lying beyond thee!
O sweetly, soundly, weelmay he sleep
That’s laid in the bed beyond thee!

I see the spreading leaves and flowers,
I hear the wild birds singing;
But pleasure they haenane for me,
While care my heart is wringing.
Beyond thee, &c.

I can na tell, I maunna tell,
I daurnafor your anger;
But secret love will break my heart,
If I conceal it langer.
Beyond thee, &c.

I see thee gracefu’, straight and tall,
I see thee sweet and bonie;
But oh, what will my torment be,
If thou refuse thy Johnie!
Beyond thee, &c.

To see thee in another’s arms,
In love to lie and languish,
‘Twad be my dead, that will be seen,
My heart wadburst wi’anguish.
Beyond thee, &c.

ButJeanie, say thou wilt be mine,
Say thou lo’es nanebefore me;
And a’may days o’life to come
I’l gratefully adore thee,
Beyond thee, &c.”