The Dashing White Sergeant is based on the old Scottish dance formations of ‘setting’ and ‘reeling’. To begin, everyone must be in a group of three, traditionally either a man and two women or two women and a man. Non traditionally everyone can dance with everyone else, so don’t worry about gender. Each trio should find another trio to join up with. Stand opposite each other in a large circle around the room. Throughout the Dashing White Sergeant, each original group of three stays together moving around the room joining with other trios travelling in the opposite direction.

Bars 1-8

When the music starts for bars 1-8 each group of six join hands and travels left for eight beats and then right for eight beats finishing in the original lines of three.

Bars 9-12

After that, for bars 9-12 the middle dancer in each group of three faces their right-hand partner. They then set to each other and swing each other around once by the right hand. Whilst this is happening the left-hand partner waits for the middle dancer to turn and face them. Feel free to get involved by clapping along and cheering the rest of your team!

Bars 13-16

During bars 13-16 the same steps are repeated but instead to the left-hand partner with the right-hand partner cheering them on.

Bars 17-24

Then for bars 17 – 24 each trio dances reels of three. For this, the centre dancer swings their right-hand partner by the right arm. Then the centre dancer turns to their left-hand partner and repeats the process. Continue this until both the left and right-hand partners have each been twirled around three times.

Bars 25-28

For bars 25-28 each trio joins hands, walks forward to meet the trio opposite and steps back again.

Bars 29-32

Then for bars 29 – 32 both lines dance forward, one line raising their hands up to create an arch and the other trio dance underneath. Each group of three should then meet a new group dancing in the opposite direction as they move around the room.

Repeat the same steps with then next three dancers, moving around the room as you go!

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