Kilt Hire London

One of the questions we get asked a lot at the Ceilidh Club is where do you go for Kilt Hire London. So we decide to write a blog post to let you know some of the best places.  We’ve included some physical outlets where you can go along and get measured up as well as some online shops from further away. You’ll also be able to hire Skian Dhu, Sporran and all the rest (but just check that it’s all included). Shops will generally offer advice as well as to how to wear items and what to wear depending on the function. If you are planning a wedding then bring the London element of the wedding party to the Ceilidh Club. A bit of practice can go a long way at the reception!

Physical Kilt Hire London

You can go along and get measured up in each of these locations.

Kilts4All have a showroom in Kings Cross and claim over 2,000 tartans are available. Their kilts are available for purchase as well as hire, although we’re not too sure about the English kilt they have.

The Highland Store is based in 66 Great Russell Street (near the British Museum) London WC1B 3BN. They stock traditional Kilts but will need a couple of days to get your order ready.

Macgregor Macduff A.K.A The King of Kilts organises pop up fittings in London once or twice a month. This innovative company is based in Glasgow but make it easy for people to hire a kilt in London. Book in advance.

The long-standing Moss Bros is a safe bet with several shops around London with prices from around £95.


Online Kilt Hire London

A1 Kilts offer a UK wide delivery service as well as walk-up shops in Dundee and Glasgow, but unless you want to make a weekend of it, we’re guessing online will suit better. They have a nice swish website that makes it easy for you to choose. Like the other outfitters, you can pick up the sporran, Sgian-Dubhs and everything else you need.

Some alternatives to Kilt Hire London

There are many outlets in Edinburgh and Glasgow selling cheaper kilts. Aldi and Lidl have also be known to sell them nationwide in the run-up to Burns Night. You can check eBay for a second hand one. For some reason owning a kilt seems to go with an increase in waist size (cure: drink more whisky, eat less haggis), so although you can let out kilts people do trade them in. Good quality kilts are extremely long lasting, so a second hand one might suit you down to your knees.

And if you are after something different ….we couldn’t leave this page without mentioning 21st Century Kilts – a truly innovative company offering something very different.  You’ll have to go to Edinburgh to see them though, but then isn’t that a great excuse? 

Remember if you need some dancing practice before the big day then do feel free to come along to the Ceilidh Club and bring the London element of the birthday party/wedding reception with you. You can find a list of upcoming dates here. If you are bringing a big group then ask us about any special deals.

If you are looking to drink some whisky in London then check out this blog post for the best places to go.