We have launched a campaign to help London Bees by asking the mayor, Sadiq Khan, to trial bee-friendly Bus Shelters. You can sign the petition here.

The idea is being trialled in the Dutch city of Utrecht. Their goal is to be the healthiest region in Europe. There is no cost to the city council as a private contractor manages the bus stops and pays for it out of advertising. Imagine the opportunities for eco products advertising in eco bus shelters. 

There 316 bee-friendly bus stops have been created with sedum roofs. If London were to try this the benefits could be great for London Bees as well as helping the city cope with pollution and heat. The roofs collect water that would normally go into the drain as well as helping to keep the place cool. They are also nice to look at. The seating is made of bamboo and many have solar panels with LED lighting. 

In addition to helping London Bees, the bus shelters would also prompt people to think about planting bee-friendly flowers which would further help London’s Bee population. If only a small percentage of people planted flower boxes or in their gardens, it could have a huge impact on the ecosystem of London. It would also stimulate people to think more about Green Living as well as boosting the London Honey market. 

The Ceilidh Club is starting this petition because it seems like a good, low-cost idea that could grab people’s imagination and help with pollination, water retention and the overall environment in London. 

The Ceilidh Club is a Scottish dance club, based in Camden and holds regular events throughout the year at Cecil Sharp House as well as Baden Powel House, South Kensington as well as other venues. Tickets for events can be bought here