We’re super-proud to present our first capsule collection, 436 communications. A collection of four new graphic t-shirts, two long sleeve and two short sleeve, that reflect the ethos of the four three six brand.

In any city or town around the world there is a thriving subculture when you scratch below the surface. There are makers and creators sometimes just seconds from the high street that will provide an exciting alternative to the homogenised consumer culture we find ourselves in the grasp of. four three six exist to amplify that culture.

We asked ReToX, who designed our second wearable release, to interpret our influences and values in a range of new designs, referencing the influence of 90s rave and Japanese streetwear culture on us. The results are outstanding.

We’ve switched things up on the manufacturing front too. Where previously we’d been printing on bought in blank tees, like many smaller brands, this time we took the plunge and had everything made from scratch. This means that everything from the fit, to the label, to the washing instructions have been designed by us, it’s four three six from the inside out. And we upped the cotton quality too…