Team work 

We all want jobs that make us feel useful and fulfiled, bosses who make us feel valued, and colleagues who make us feel supported. Many of us spend years on a career path that doesn’t bring us these things. Or we drift from dissatisfying job to dissatisfying job. Eventually, we begin to question what employment can contribute to us other than financial stability.

With an unfulfilling work-life often comes a dissatisfactory personal life. The two combine to create a frustrating, stagnating state of mind in which we go around in circles trying to get ourselves out of this rut.

But how? How can we get the best out of our work? How can work bring out the best in us?

Turns out it’s not so complicated, just a little contrary. We can get the most out of our jobs by taking ourselves out of the equation. It’s a matter of shifting our perspective.

You’re looking for a job that makes you feel useful? Reflect instead on ways in which your work is meaningful.

PEople dancing at the Ceilidh Club


You want a boss that makes you feel valued? Recognise what your boss brings to the company and how you can contribute to that value.

Wish your colleagues had your back? Consider how they can be supported, empowered and strengthened by your contributions.

When we can remove our egos and individualistic hopes from our work for a company – that is, a large, communal, team-oriented environment – we can focus on that team and that company’s goal instead.

Team-work and team-goals are crucial to creating a professional environment where staff and management all feel valued and fulfilled. This doesn’t mean losing or repressing individuality, but rather recognising how individuals can contribute to the team.

Play to your strengths and what makes you feel accomplished. However, shift your perspective from the emotional benefits you can gain, to what you can bring to the collective. You’ll quickly find yourself to be more valued and supported when working towards a shared goal rather than personal satisfaction.

Life should be less about what you can get, and more about what you can give. Nonetheless, now you know what to look for in a company, boss, and team which can bring out the best in you: meaning, professional value, teamwork and support.


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