O when she cam’ ben she bobbed fu’ law,
O when she cam’ benshe bobbedfu’law,
And when she cam’ ben, she kiss’d Cockpen,
And synedenied she did it at a’.

And was na Cockpen right saucy witha’?
And was naCockpen right saucy witha’?
In leaving the daughter of a lord,
And kissin’ a collier lassie an’a’!

O never look down, my lassie, at a’,
O never look down, my lassie, at a’,
Thy lips are as sweet, and thy figure complete,
As the finest dame in castle orha’.

Tho’ thou has nae silk, and holland sae sma’,
Tho’ thou has naesilk, and holland sae sma’,
Thy coat and thy sarkare thy ainhandiwark,
And lady Jean was never saebraw.