6 of the Best Whisky Bars London

The cure to many ailments – whisky. Bold and aromatic in flavour, robust in nature and not for the faint of heart. For many whisky drinkers, finding a venue that caters to the beauty of your favourite drink can be quite difficult. That’s why we’ve done the research (sigh) to bring you 6 of the best Whisky Bars London where you can be sure to have access to some of the finest whiskys from all over the world, however you like it served.

Whisky Bars London – Boisdale – Canary Wharf

In the bar of this restaurant on the second floor is a 12 meter wall of liquid gold, holding over 1,000 bottles of malt whisky from all over the world. This is undoubtedly one of the most

exquisite whisky bars in London and certainly offers a wide array of choice including a separate scotch menu and whiskys ranging from Indian, English, Welsh and Japanese.

This fashionable venue overlooks the city skyline and offers some great British cuisine to go alongside your whisky. You also have an oyster bar and grill, cigar library and a range of live music evenings.

No wonder it was voted the Whisky Magazine’s best whiskey bar in 2012 and Imbibe’s top whisky bars in 2011.

Whisky Bars London – Salt Whisky Bar and Restaurant – Marble Arch

A buzzing and vibrant Indian restaurant and whisky bar in the great Marble Arch. The whisky bar serves over 200 different types of whisky from around the world and has a number of whiskey cocktails on the menu too.

Another selling point of this venue is the shisha smoking area which offers an elegant and classy touch to your whisky drinking. If you stay late enough, you might even be graced with a fabulous afterparty and a DJ set.

Whisky Bars London – Bull in a China Shop – Shoreditch

Bull in a China Shop has been very highly rated by a number of destination websites like Time Out and Evening Standard. It feel a hole in the whisky lovers market for Japanese whisky bars.

They have a menu of Japanese and Scotch whiskys, cocktails and premium whiskys. Try the charcoal Old Fashioned or a Wabi/Sabi. You will be delightfully surprised by the care that goes into making a single drink, from the glass to the melon balled ice cubes.

Whisky Bars London – Mac and Wild – Multiple Locations

With a location on Great Titchfield Street and Devonshire Square, Mac and Wild offers a stripped back and simple approach to both their food and their whiskeys. Everything about Mac and Wild screams passion and knowledge about whisky.

Predominantly, Mac and Wild are all about a Scottish highlands experience to whisky. They offer whisky experiences, tasting days and cocktails that let the whisky do the talking.

Whisky Bars London The Sun Tavern – Bethnal Green

Originally opened in 1851 and reopened in 2014, the Sun Tavern serves a mix of classic and mixed drinks from a selection of Irish whiskey, poitin (traditionally an Irish moonshine) and ales.

They offer poitin tastings of once illegal spirits proofing at 40-90% as well as an off license where you can buy a bottle of your favourite whisky to take home with you. Now you can enjoy your favourite drink from the comfort of your own home.

Whisky Bars London – Milroy’s – Soho

Milroy’s whisky bar is somewhat of an enchanted secret. Hiding behind an old bookcase and down a set of stairs in one of London’s oldest whisky shops, a bar appears as if out of a dream to serve up one of the best Old Fashioned or Manhattans you will ever get.

Starting in 1964 by John ‘Jack’ Milroy, this bar quickly went on to be known as one of the most affordable and largest ranges of whisky in London, maybe even the world. The brothers who owned and made this bar what it is were responsible for inspiring the careers

of many whisky enthusiasts. Their reputation is still very well-known and their legacy is still standing.

Whisky Bars London – The Connaught – Mayfair

Luxurious, decadent and fine. The Connaught is a well established high-end hotel featuring chic 1920’s art and décor. A suite in the hotel will set you back a grand a night but you can expect the service to be lavish.

Enter the bar. Bar staff are dressed to impress, heavily shaking away their cocktails and ready with home-roasted nuts. The Connaught features a finely crafted menu which caters for all tastes. They even offer their very own blend of Connaught whisky – a definite must try.

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