Wi’ braw new branksin micklepride,
And ekea brawnew brechan,
My Pegasus I’m got astride,
And up Parnassus pechin;
Whiles owrea bush wi’ donwward crush,
The doitedbeastiestammers;
Then up he gets, and off he sets,
For sake o’ Willie Chalmers.

I doubt na, lass, that weelken’d name
May cost a pair o’blushes;
I am nae stranger to your fame,
Nor his warm urged wishes.
Your bonie face saemild and sweet,
His honest heart enamours,
And faith ye’ll nobe lost a whit,
Tho’ wair’d on Willie Chalmers.

AuldTruth hersel’ might swear yer’e fair,
And Honour safely back her;
And Modesty assume your air,
And ne’er a ane mistakher:
And sic twalove-inspiring een
Might fire even holy palmers;
Naewonder then they’ve fatal been
To honest Willie Chalmers.

I doubt nafortune may you shore
Some mim-mou’dpouther’d priestie,
Fu’lifted up wi’ Hebrew lore,
And band upon his breastie:
Butoh! what signifies to you
His lexicons and grammars;
The feeling heart’s the royal blue,
And that’s wi’ Willie Chalmers.

Some gapin’, glowrin’ countralaird
May warslefor your favour;
May clawhis lug, and straik his beard,
And hoastup some palaver:
My boniemaid, before ye wed
Sicclumsy-witted hammers,
Seek Heaven for help, and barefitskelp
Awawi’Willie Chalmers.

Forgive the Bard! my fond regard
For anethat shares my bosom,
Inspires my Muse to gie’m his dues
For deila hair I roosehim.
May powers aboonunite you soon,
And fructify your amours, –
And every year come in mairdear
To you and Willie Chalmers.