The background to the Gay Gordons

Named after a famous Scottish army regiment (known as the Gordon Highlanders), the Gay Gordons is a very popular couples ceilidh dance. 

Whilst the dance normally begins as a partner dance, it can be made progressive. It is danced in a big circle of couples. Traditionally the lady stands on the outside of the circle and gentleman on the inside.

The dance begins with the couple joining hands over the lady’s shoulder with the man’s arm behind her back. During the first two bars of music, the couple walks forward for four steps. For the next two bars (3 and 4), without letting go of your partner’s hands, turn on the spot (so left hand is behind the lady right hand is in front) and take 4 steps backwards.

Repeat this in the opposite direction for bars 5 – 8.

During bars, 9 – 12 let go of your partner’s left hand and the lady twirls on the spot.

Finally, for the last four bars hop into ballroom hold and polka your way around the dancefloor!

To make the dance progressive the lady may leave their partner during bars 12 – 13 and join the person (on the inside) in front of them. 
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Finally, if you would like to find out more about the Gay Gordons then this extract from Wikipedia might be useful.
Happy Dancing!