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Team Work

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Team work  We all want jobs that make us feel useful and fulfiled, bosses who make us feel valued, and colleagues who make us feel supported. Many of us spend years on a career path that doesn't bring us these things. Or we drift from dissatisfying job to dissatisfying job. Eventually, we begin to question [...]

Scottish Halloween Traditions

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Scottish Halloween Traditions - check out our guide 1. The Gaelic Roots  Samhuinn acknowledged the onset of winter and marked the time of year when the harvest was finished. It is one of the 4 Gaelic festivals  (Imbolc, Beltaine and Lughnasadh being the others). Cattle would be brought down from the summer pastures and kept [...]

The Dashing White Sergeant

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The Dashing White Sergeant is based on the old Scottish dance formations of ‘setting’ and ‘reeling’. To begin, everyone must be in a group of three, traditionally either a man and two women or two women and a man. Non traditionally everyone can dance with everyone else, so don't worry about gender. Each trio should [...]

Southwark Playhouse – Islander: A Musical

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The Southwark Playhouse is hosting Islander in association with Helen Milne Productions. Here we chat with Bethany Tennick, one of the actors in the play.    Where are you from and how did you end up in the show? I’m from Edinburgh, but I grew up moving all over and have lived in 12 cities [...]

London Scots Podcast S2 E4 – The Magnificent 7

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We chat with Caitlin Brannigan about moving from 'The Port' to 'The Smoke' and the implications on the availability of 'Slice'. All important considerations. We touch on Gothic London by hearing about the Magnificent 7. You can find out more about the Famous Graveyards of London here Check out our previous podcasts here If you [...]

Cumberland Square Eight

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The Cumberland Square Eight is done in groups of eight but within the larger group of eight everyone has a partner. The dance is formed when four couples stand in a square facing in the way towards each other. We use the terminology 'Lady' and 'Man' when describing the roles in the Cumberland Square Eight [...]

London Bees

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We have launched a campaign to help London Bees by asking the mayor, Sadiq Khan, to trial bee-friendly Bus Shelters. You can sign the petition here. The idea is being trialled in the Dutch city of Utrecht. Their goal is to be the healthiest region in Europe. There is no cost to the city council [...]