London Scots

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London Scots are everywhere Golf Club, Charities, Restaurants, Monuments and Ceilidhs (!) - we review some of the more prominent sites, organisations and businesses that concern London Scots. London Scots - Charities There are two charities specifically in London to help out Scots: Borderline and Scots Care. Borderline's goal is to help first and second [...]

Eat Haggis

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We're focusing on the cool Scottish company Eat Haggis and their CEO Allistair kindly answers some of our questions.  How did you come up with idea for Eat Haggis? I was asked to create a St Andrews Day poster for a friend’s event. It was a few years after the original ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ [...]

Kit Houses in Scotland

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So you fancy escaping your 1 bedroom flat in smog filled London  (estimated value £400,000+) and going to live on island in Scotland? Kit houses in Scotland have come a long way. Here are 12 things you should remember from a man who has built some of the most stunning houses on Skye.  All aboard for your [...]