“Here awa, there awa, wandering Willie,
Now tired with wandering, haudawahame;
Come to my bosom, my aeonly dearie,
And tell me thou bring’st me my Willie the same.
Loud blew the cauldwinter winds at our parting;
It was nathe blast brought the tear in my e’e:
Now welcome the Simmer, and welcome my Willie,
The Simmerto Nature, my Willie to me.

Ye hurricanes rest in the cave o’your slumbers,
O how your wild horrors a lover alarms!
Awaken ye breezes, rowgently ye billows,
And waft my dear laddieancemairto my arms.
Butif he’s forgotten his faithfullest Nannie,
O still flow between us, thou wide roaring main;
May I never see it, may I never trow it,
But, dying, believe that my Willie’s my ain!”