Epistle To Colonel De Peyster

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My honor'd Colonel, deep I feel Your interest in the Poet's weal; Ah! now sma'heart haeI to speel The steep Parnassus, Surrounded thus by bolus pill, And potion glasses. O what a canty world were it, Would pain and care and sickness spare it; And Fortune favour worthand merit As they deserve; And aye rowtho'roast-beef [...]

Craigieburn Wood

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"Sweet closes the ev'ning on Craigieburn Wood, And blythely awaukens the morrow; But the pride o' the springin the Craigieburn Wood Can yield to me nothing but sorrow. Chorus.-Beyond thee, dearie, beyond thee, dearie, And O to be lying beyond thee! O sweetly, soundly, weelmay he sleep That's laid in the bed beyond thee! I [...]

Ballads on Mr. Heron’s Election, 1795

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"Fy, let us a'to Kirkcudbright, For there will be bickerin' there; For Murray's light horse are to muster, And O how the heroes will swear! And there will be Murray, Commander, And Gordon, the battle to win; Like brothers they'll stand by each other, Sae knit in alliance and kin. And there will be black-nebbitJohnie, [...]

The Epitaph

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"Stop, passenger! my story's brief, And truth I shall relate, man; I tell naecommon tale o' grief, For Matthew was a great man. If thou uncommon merit hast, Yet spurn'd at Fortune's door, man; A look of pity hither cast, For Matthew was a poor man. If thou a noble sodgerart, That passest bythis grave, [...]

Ca’ The Yowes To The Knowes

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"Chorus.-Ca' the yowes to the knowes, Ca' them where the heather grows, Ca' them where the burnierowes, My boniedearie As I gaeddown the water-side, There I met my shepherd lad: He row'd me sweetly in his plaid, And he ca'd me his dearie. Ca' the yowes, &c. Will ye gang down the water-side, And see [...]

Wandering Willie

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"Here awa, there awa, wandering Willie, Now tired with wandering, haudawahame; Come to my bosom, my aeonly dearie, And tell me thou bring'st me my Willie the same. Loud blew the cauldwinter winds at our parting; It was nathe blast brought the tear in my e'e: Now welcome the Simmer, and welcome my Willie, The [...]

Meg O’ The Mill

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"O ken ye what Meg o' the Mill has gotten, An'kenye what Meg o' the Mill has gotten? She gottena coofwi' a clauto' siller, And broken the heart o'the barley Miller. The Miller was strappin, the Miller was ruddy; A heart like a lord, and a hue like a lady; The lairdwas a widdifu', bleerit [...]

Fragment Of Song

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"The night was still, and o'er the hill The moon shone on the castle wa'; The mavissang, while dew-drops hang Around her on the castle wa'; Saemerrily they danced the ring Fraeeenin' tillthe cockdid craw; And aye the o'erwordo'the spring Was ""Irvine's bairns are boniea'."""