Scottish Restaurant London

One of the many wonderful things about London is that you can eat food from all over the world. We often get asked about ‘Scottish Restaurant London’ so we thought it would be good to write a blog post about it. There are several good places where you can eat Scottish food and we included the more popular ones below.

Deeny’s cafe

Deeney’s Cafe and market stall has attracted attention for its fresh produce and cheeky manner. It was founded in 2012, and is run by Paddy and Carol. There’s traditional favourites like Cullen Skink and a whole host of other goodies making it a favourite Scottish Restaurant London. They are famed for their Macbeth Toastie which has built up a cult following.  Follow them on Twitter to get the latest news. 

Dram and Smoke

Dram and Smoke are a pop up venture that pop up in several places – using good Scots words such as scran and bevy (writing about them plays havoc with my spellcheck) they serve hearty seasonal Scottish delights. They do outside catering (as do most of the companies listed here) and keep themselves fresh by not being tied down. You can find them here and also on Twitter

Mac and Wild

With two restaurants Mac and Wild keep themselves busy by bringing the best of the Scottish larder south of the border. They have a very stylish website and promote a modern and progressive view of Scotland. You can also book in for experiences such as pairing of whisky and beer.  They have received many plaudits from the Ceilidh Club community. Follow them on Twitter or their luscious Instagram account. 

The Irvin Bar and Grill

The Irvin Bar and Grill is a run by a relaxed couple in the cosy neighbourhood of Crouch End. Mixing Scottish and Italian styles gives them a unique style and they aim to keep their dishes ‘simple and beautiful’. The wines are all Italian, chosen carefully from small scale pruducers. It’s here that you can practice the mantra ‘One proseco, two proseco, three proseco, floor.’  Follow them on Twitter or better still, book yourself in for an Italian Stramash.

If you are looking for a glossary of all things Scottish in London then try out this Blog Post on London Scots